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Face swaps that will make you laugh out loud

Every day more applications are created to make our lives easier we have applications for banks, pharmacies, food, calendars, games and even face swaps this application went viral since the time it came out you can change your face with another person or with another object or even with another …

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A couple of bad prankster get what they deserved

  Keeping with the prank theme, We have no issues with this kind of entertainment but, going back to the opinions themes, there will be several people with issues with this kind of entertainment. That’s then circle of the life on internet. What can you do? Practice the tolerance and …

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These FUNNY pictures can’t end in a good way

The sensation of control is comforting and relaxing; few things feel better than knowing the situation is in your hands and you know how to handle it. But sometimes things can do an unexpected twist and screw up your day, no matter how confident you were about it. According to …

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Funniest laws from all around the world

Laws are made for preserving the order and peace of human societies. There are rules to be followed in every country, state, and city. However, some of them are a little weird, and can even be considered stupid by some people. Check out these laws that have no explanation! In Canada, …

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These text messages will make you laugh like you’ve never done

Today we have many ways to communicate either by text message, WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger or whatever technology has made our lives easier we have internet in our cell phones, many applications to communicate but  we all deal with something every day… The self-correcting often we write and we do not …

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These girls suffered some funny makeup catastrophes!

  Sure you’ve watched plenty of beauty gurus on Youtube and seen makeup artists get over 6K likes on Instagram. You’ve also seen those 15 second clips showing you how to create a quick smokey eye or a quick winged eye liner at the flick of your wrist. Here’s a …

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