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A Great New Technique for Skipping an Exam

More than once in school and in life, we’ve had to deal with unpleasant classes and subjects we have absolutely no interest in. And despite most of the times we must deal with them, sometimes a little creativity can help us to avoid some of this distress. In fact, recently …

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10 people who had the WORST day possible!!

In our entire life, many things could happen, and that includes tons of bad days. However, some may be worse than others. We will show you some really bad days these people lived and shared with the world:   Best Birthday Ever After this incident, we guess you shouldn’t complaint …

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The 13 THIRTIEST men on Instagram

Some people just don’t know how to hide their thirst. Yes, we know you are single and the girl is pretty but, come on… chill out and don’t be so disturbing. We will show the xx thirstiest guys we could find on Instagram. And please, don’t be like them when …

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This baby does weird stuff while sleeping: check the video

What happens while we are dreaming, the mystery of dreaming, have been fascinating subjects for mankind for many centuries. Not only Freud or the modern psychologists have studied the mind at deepest levels, because some authors, as Pythagoras and Aristotle, wrote treatises on that matter many centuries before Christ.   …

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The creativity of these beggars has no name

Not everyone has same luck in life and there are people whom life has not treated precisely well, people who have fallen into disfavor, due to defects or debts, and ended up living on the streets of cities, eating from garbage dumps, sleeping on park benches or using the meager …

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