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The most SPOILED daughters of the celebrities

When you have kids, it is normal to want the best for them, provide them with as much as you can, and protect them every minute. However, you know that being that much over them may cause them to grow up as spoiled kids. The celebrities’ children are obviously an …

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Most Ridiculous Legal Battles

When we usually hear about bizarre lawsuits, we think about  some small companies trying to squeeze money from a huge business. In the other hand, we sometimes have big companies involved in some pretty ridiculous legal battles in history. Here is our list of the most absurd legal battles: William …

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This is the new trend of Plus Size models and we love it!

There is a new tendency in the fashion world finally plus size girls are on the catwalks, on the covers of magazines, photo sessions for calendars and more, these beautiful women are dominating the fashion industry, curves are leaving aside schemes of 90-60-90 girls and statures 1.75 onwards. It all …

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