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A group of policemen to catch just only ONE girl


Just imagine: you are in a normal random day, eating dinner, having some drinks or eating ice cream when a group of police officers enters the local and corner up a teenage girl. What is happening, you may ask. Soon later, we can see that the girl starts freaking out and the scene gets somewhat ugly. Kayla, as the woman filming the video calls her, starts screaming and is dragged down to the floor. Officers try to carry her and they take away her purse, but she struggles with their grips, not letting them get her that easily, as mad as a bull could get.



We soon see how the officers get all on her and we lose sight of the girl, but we hear her and know that she is still fighting with them for a while, but later on the video ends. Could she possibly had robbed something and they were chasing her? Or the crime could have been a lot worse of what can we imagine? Did she even did something wrong? Why the woman who is filming does not do anything, except screaming to her to calm down (which was not that much effective, if you ask me) even though she looks she knows the teenage girl?


There are many doubts arousing around this one-minute video. However, it looks like it could be somewhat intruding how they approach and hold the girl. Come on, whatever she may did, it is not necessary to have that show of dominance over her. Also, it looks like she’s African American, this could possibly be one of the many cop abuses over this race that has been spreading lately on the United States?


The background story is very unclear, and we are waiting for some official announcement about why she was caught and what have they done to her. Anyways, while we wait, on the expectation if officers are actually thinking about releasing some statement, we want to know: what are your thoughts? What could a 13-yeard-old girl possibly have done to get herself arrested?  Is she a psycho or a victim? Do you think is fair for someone to be treated this way? Especially if they are a minor? Comment and tell us your valuable opinion!

Finally, we are going to leave you the video down below, so you can fully understand what we are talking about.



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