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A Great New Technique for Skipping an Exam

More than once in school and in life, we’ve had to deal with unpleasant classes and subjects we have absolutely no interest in. And despite most of the times we must deal with them, sometimes a little creativity can help us to avoid some of this distress.


In fact, recently twitter personality Terrell Finner (@_tuhrell) published his imaginative method for skipping a chemistry test, which involves materials you can get in your own room (Yes, you!)

The technique was all about e-mailing his teacher a picture of himself on the hospital. He had suffered a severe nosebleed and seemed to be connected into a life-supporting machine, which would excuse him from the exam for sure.


The twit read: “I’m emailing these pics to my chem prof bc I had a nosebleed & had to be hospitalized & can’t take this midterm Wed.”

However, a few days later Terrell posted another picture on twitter unveiling his craft, which consisted on plugging his own headphones into his nose and making them appear to be hospital machinery. The picture became much more convincing because he designed his own hospital tag and wore it in his wrist and he crawled himself into some white sheets looking like a total wreck.

Here is the second twit: “@_KingAres today has been a great day….”


A curious fact is that, despite his exam-skipping tendencies, Terrell actually graduated with academic awards from Penn State University and started his pre-med in Columbia.

So, just in case you fell too far behind with a test and feel like your only choice is to bail out of an exam, you can try Terrell’s method, like I wrote: you can find all the things you need for it in your room. If you want to add your own personal touch, you can add a little (or a lot of) fake blood and make it seem you have a needle up your arm (if you are really willing to get artistic).

And, if your parents ask you what is up, you can say you’re trying something a friend of yours in Columbia did a few months ago. You wouldn’t be lying, now would you?


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