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8 Embarrassing things men do when they are in love with you but are shy

Men and their strange way of being are most of times a mystery. Not because of complicated and puzzled minds, but for their simplicity and shortness when it’s time of expressing their feelings and thoughts. Have some tips so you can recognize his love towards you.



  1. He discuss his ideas with you

You might not notice it, but when a man discusses something with his couple, it is a sign that he cares about the other’s point of view. He worries about his couple’s interests and corrections, and gives value to their recommendations.


  1. He listens to you

When a man is really interested in someone, he will attend to his significant-other’s words, whether these are mourns, desires, joyful stories or worrying thoughts. If your boy stops what he is doing – even watching his favorite team on T.V. – for you to talk to him, he DOES love you.

  1. He is pleased to please you

Have you ever noticed your man doing that little thing you told him you liked? That’s the evidence that claims he values your wellness and happiness, and so a way to demonstrate his feelings towards you.


  1. He gives his advice

You might have not requested it, but your boy is always happy to share his advices with you, so you can do things in an easier way and succeed in whatever you try.

  1. He rejoices of your success

There isn’t a place for envy when a man loves his couple. He will celebrate your triumphs and will be happy to be next to you in your life best moments.images

  1. But he stands with you in adversity

He doesn’t leave when things don’t come according to the plan. He stays beside you when things get hard and work a way to get out of bad times – together.


  1. He is proud of you

It is not like you were a trophy he won. He is just proud of having somebody to love and to love him, to be his companion and his safe port. Don’t get surprised if he wants to shout to the whole world how much he loves you!manos

  1. Is afraid of losing you

His beloved one is very important in a man’s life, so he tries really hard to keep them in his path. He will do almost everything to make you want to stay with him, especially in the hard ones.



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